Family Self-Sufficiency

The FSS Program is a five-year, self-paced, voluntary program designed to assist Housing Choice Voucher and public housing participants achieve economic independence by becoming a homeowner.


Requirements for the program include the following:

  1. Seek and Maintain Suitable Employment: Applicants must be employed at the time of the FSS contract expiration and be off of cash assistance for one year prior to the FSS contract expiration. Families may still receive food stamps and a housing subsidy after graduating from the FSS Program.
  2. Head of Household: Applicants must be the head of household and agree to meet program requirements.
  3. Create and Meet Goals: Applicants must work closely with a case manager to develop productive personal goals towards financial independence.

Potential Goals for Participants

Program participants must work together with their trained case manager to develop goals that help them address any areas of their situation that may be negatively impacting their financial independence. Goal areas may include:

  • Education
  • Specialized Training
  • Job Readiness and Job Placement Activities
  • Career Advancement Objectives
  • Mentoring
  • Budget/Credit Repair
  • Home Buyer Education

How It Works

The incentive of the FSS Program is a special savings account that is set up on behalf of each participant.
As the participant’s earned income goes up, they begin paying more of the rental payment, but the amount they receive from subsidy does not decrease in total. Instead, the money that would have gone to paying their rental subsidy is deposited into the special savings account, to be held in escrow until the time of their home purchase.

The example below illustrates how this works:

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